About us


The Øfsti Mellom farm in Stjørdal is run by Irma and Tor Arild Øfsti. We both work to exploit the opportunities that exist right where we live - in "our little piece of Norway"!

The farm is primarily an active full-time farm with full focus on milk production, but from mid-May to mid-October we also open the farm buildings for overnight guests.

With us you can experience a rural atmosphere with proximity to animals - and despite the short distance to Trondheim Airport (approx. 15 minutes) - you wake up to the sound of the animals grazing, chickens and peacocks... (and the milking machine in the barn!)

Irma and Tor Arild Øfsti


A bit about the farm's motto :

  • BUSKAP - the amazing cow that manages to turn the grass on the ground into milk and meat (and at the same time produces nutrients for next year's crop).
  • LANDSCAPE - the animals, the river and previous generations of farmers who have all left their mark on - and shaped the landscape into what we see today.
  • PASSION - we are passionate about both preserving & communicating this.


The livestock on the farm counts about 70 animals in total - cows, bulls, heifers and calves - all of which graze outside during the summer months!

We only grow grass crops on the farm, and have now purchased a direct seeding machine for grass seed. This means that we don't need to use as much fuel & labor to renew the fields, and can also preserve the soil as pristine as possible, thus also sequestering as much carbon as possible. This is called regenerative farming of arable land.

We are also currently building up a tiny strain of "Dølafe", one of the old Norwegian cattle breeds worthy of preservation.

From 2017, we have also sold beef directly to customers. The meat must be ordered well in advance - delivery in the fall after the animals have come in from grazing.

We have a small salmon farm down by the river that is rented out together with accommodation on a weekly basis. The salmon fishermen can choose whether they want to stay down by the river or up by the farm.

In the yard is the farmhouse from 1916 with room for 8-9 people, while the river cabin can accommodate 3 people. Everything can be rented with or without salmon fishing. Both accommodations have simple kitchens and made-up beds. The farmhouse has its own bathroom, while the cabin by the river has a simpler standard. Fireplaces, tables & shelter can be found down by the river.

The farm also offers accommodation for bridal couples, including a romantic breakfast with a poetry reading in the farmhouse lounge.

Pilgrims can also book accommodation, as the trail to Nidaros Cathedral passes through the valley. If they wish, they can get a simple pilgrim breakfast, which includes eggs and milk from the farm!

For those interested in history, the owner is happy to open the farm museum, which is filled with the farm's stories and many interesting objects. There are many stories to tell, as Øfsti Mellom has been owned and run by the same family for more than 300 years!

To find background information about the farming industry in Norway, you can search the website of the Norwegian Agricultural Cooperative, https://landbruk.no/

Our farm is also part of a creative collaboration along County Road 26 - which consists of 8 farms. These places have many interesting offers for both residents and visitors! https://route26.no/

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Øfsti Mellom welcomes all its guests!