Meat from the farm

We sell meat from the farm in autumn and winter, from young animals that have spent the entire summer on grass pasture. This meat has a special quality, due to the favorable fatty acid composition in the meat from ruminants that eat mostly only grass.

We have two herds of young animals that graze on unmanured areas that both contain grasslands, bogs, wetlands and forests. One place - Holtet - is barely a kilometer southeast of the farm, while the other - Ytteråsen - is a good distance in the same direction from the farm, approx. 375 m above sea level.

Sun, rain and wind!
Sun, rain and wind!
Nelly is easily enticed by clover....
Farm dog & farmer!
Farm dog & farmer!







When we look after the animals a couple of times a week, we usually bring a little feed for them - a handful for each - this means that we get close to them all summer, and that they don't forget the farmer who looked after them all winter! After all the media focus on imported soy from Brazil, for several years we have only used a new, short-travel type of concentrate - Felleskjøpet's FORMULA LINNÈA - which is based on Norwegian-produced grain & some protein raw material (rapeseed) from Sweden. This kraft prototype is completely free of soy and palm-based fat.

In late autumn, we offer a few 10-kg boxes of meat from our new Dølafe herd (one of the Norwegian, old, conservation-worthy cuirass) - these cuts are slightly smaller in size, but this meat is in return more finely ribbed, and is also known for a higher fat marbling than meat from traditional breeds.

Orders are accepted in advance, and the boxes are delivered to the farm.

The contents of the package will consist of both beef, misc. steaks, stew meat and 4 kg. minced meat (to which neither salt nor ice/water has been added.)

All the meat is boneless, fully tenderised, vacuum-packed from a local butchery and marked with the name of the cut.


Price per carton Dølafè meat à 10 kg. NOK 2500,-


For questions or orders, call Irma on tel. 41695036, or contact us at the email address: