Salmon fishing

Salmon fishing is offered on a small embankment (approx. 170 m.) down by the river. Valdet is usually rented out on a weekly basis together with accommodation, but it is also possible to rent single days, without accommodation. The embankment is easily accessible, with parking for cars close to the bank. The rock-covered river bed slopes slightly outwards along the entire embankment.

Valdet is used both with fly, lure and ground. Gapahuk, benches & tables, smoking oven, firewood and campfires are part of the fishing down by the river. Freezers for the fish can be found upstairs by the farm yard.

Salmon fishing in the river is regulated through common rules for everyone with fishing rights along the river; Fishing rules and other important information can be found on the page for the River Owners' Association in Stjørdal,

At the river's edge there is a cabin with room for three people, and up by the farm there is a cottage with room for seven people. Both places are rented out with beds made up and self-catering.

Prices from NOK 1,000 per day for the hire of the entire board, plus accommodation. (Reduced prices for accommodation in combination with salmon fishing.)

Salmon on the scale...
Salmon fishing can yield big fish on the hook….
Solid fish!
Three good beds down by the river.
The entrance to the waiting room
The entrance to the waiting room
View towards the yard
View towards the yard
The dining table in the cabin