Pilgrim accommodation

Pilgrims can book accommodation in made beds, with or without evening meal & farm breakfast. Possibility to order sandwiches & pre-filled thermos with tea or coffee.

Evening meal / dinner including tea or coffee can also be ordered, and ready-made waffle batter (including stirred jam & sour cream) can also be ordered, if you want to really enjoy the evening 🙂

Everything that is served of food, we try to make from raw materials that come either from the farm (our own livestock) or from the valley floor - our own landscape!

As evening entertainment, we can recommend a trip on the gravel road down to Stjørdalselva. ( Approx. 800 m. ) Along this road you can see our cows, calves, fields & crops 🙂

If you wish (and the weather permits), we can offer an experience that includes "cowspotting" with binoculars - at the same time you get a well-deserved footbath outside on the decorations behind the barn! For pilgrims, it can also be nice to have a reading from the book about Saint Olav's miracles in the farm museum.

More information about walks along these routes, see https://stolavsleden.com https://pilegrimsleden.no/

Prices : Accommodation kr. 650,-. Accommodation kr. 845,- incl. farm breakfast. Evening meal w/coffee or tea kr. 285,- . Niste w/ refilled thermos kr. 95,- Finished waffle batter kr. 155,- per liter. Cowspotting w/foot bath NOK. 150,- per person. Guided tour of the farm museum kr. 100,- per person.

We can transport luggage to and from Folden or Borås for NOK. NOK 350 (Minimum for one sack. Then NOK 50 in addition for each sack.)

Towards the chicken coop
Reading in the museum
Pilgrim accommodation
Peaceful atmosphere
Unbelievably beautiful color ……
The tun tree